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How to Use Magnifier on Windows 10

Microsoft always tries to bring completely different feature in its newly operating system version that could delight and entertain user much. Here, I am also to discuss such feature Magnifier which allows viewing contents on screen very clearly using various ways in Windows 10. Using it, you have to only move mouse on that contents to which you can want view clearly. How can Magnifier is used being explained by me in under written contents.

Steps to use Magnifier on Windows 10 –

#. First of all, launch Magnifier window using method I have explained just its earlier post.

#. After launching Magnifier window, you will see your screen is enlarged with 200% automatically.

#. In Windows Magnifier window, you will + and button which will be used to increase or decrease screen size respectively.

#. Here, you will also see View option with drop down menu. It will consist of three options Full Screen, Lens and Docked.

Full Screen – It is the default view which will be used to enlarge the entire screen at a moment.

Lens – This view enlarges only those areas of contents where you place your mouse button.

Docked – This view is used to view selected contents in half of screen in zoomed mode.

Note – Now I hoe you will have understood Magnifier and can use it properly. 

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