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How to Access Sync Center on Windows 10

Microsoft has introduced Sync Center in its latest operating system Windows 10, it was also part of earlier Windows versions. It is used to sync the information between computer system and offline files. Saved files in network servers is called offline file. Using this feature, you can get offline files when you are not linked with the network. I hope a lot of users will be unaware to this and this article will make you aware about Sync Center and its use.

Steps to use Sync Center in Windows 10 –

#. Open Control Panel of Windows 10 on your screen. Switch control panel into small icons view as Sync Center icon is not visible in categories view.

#. Now, click on Sync Center in control panel to open Sync Center.

#. In Sync Center dialog box, click on Manager Offline files link. After it you will get Offline Files window.

#. In General tab, check Offline files is enabled or not. If not then enable it and click on OK button.

#. Now you will be asked to restart the computer.

#. After restarting computer, reach using above steps at Offline Files Window.

#. Use available tabs and configure Offline Files.


  1. When clicking on "Manage offline files" in windows 10 nothing opens! Very frustrating! Have tried multiple times. Works fine on machines running older windows versions.

  2. If you have enough Windows experience, you should know better than to expect version-to-version continuity. In fact, Windows 12 will be available before they get 10 working well enough to ...