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How to Launch and Customize Command Prompt in Windows 10

Command prompt is an earlier version of operating system and now it has become an inbuilt part of Windows version. It is also famously know as cme.exe or sometimes as cmd. It has character user interface to communicate with user. It accepts all commands in character form. It plays a vital role in managing entire computer system. Similar to earlier version, Windows 10 also included it with some exiting features. How can you launch and use command prompt in Windows 10 is being explained by me in following statements.

Steps to launch command prompt in Windows 10 –

There are several ways to launch command prompt in Windows 10. All of them are mentioned under.

Using Search Box –

Open Start Menu and go to search box. Type Command Prompt and press Ok button. You will find Command prompt at top of search result. Click on it to open.

Using Start Menu –

Launch start menu and click on All Apps. In all apps menu, click on Windows System where click on Command Prompt to open it

Using Run dialog box –

Launch Run dialog box using Windows and R keys simultaneously. Type cmd.exe in the Run box and press Ok button to open Command Prompt.

Using Power User Menu –

Menu which will appear by right clicking on Start Menu is called Power User menu where you will see Command Prompt. Click on it to open.

How to Customize Command Prompt in Windows 10 –

#. First of all, launch Command prompt using any of above mentioned methods.

#. Now right click on the top of command prompt, a pop up menu will appear where choose Properties option.

#. Instantly, Command Prompt Properties window will appear on screen which will consist of Options, Font, Layout, Colors and Experimental Tabs.

#. Using these tabs, you can customize the entire part of command prompt.

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