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How to Take Screenshot on Windows 10

Windows 10 provides freedom to its user to do a lot of much interesting and exiting things using its feature. Even so feature, I am going to exhibit in this article which will delight and entertain you much and that is Screenshots. To capture of what displaying on screen is known as Screenshots. Sometimes you need to keep image happening on screen to show other one then you can take a Screenshot of the display. How to take a Screenshot on Windows 10 is mentioned under.

There are several ways to take screenshot of the display screen. Few of those are being mentioned under.

Keyboard Shortcut – Windows and PartScn Key

You can take a Screenshot of happenings of the display screen using Windows and PartScn key simultaneously. After it the entire display of screen will be saved as an image in the Screenshots folder of Picture automatically. You don’t need to save it. When you will use the above short key, entire screen will become dark slightly. Its means you have taken a screenshot successfully.

Keyboard Shortcuts – PartScn key

You can also take a Screenshot of what happening on computer screen using only PartScn key. But it will not save image automatically, you will require saving it by pasting it in any picture editing program such as Paint brush.

Keyboard – Alt and PrtScn

Short Key Alt + PartScn is also used to capture of what happening on display screen but it can be performed only for a particular window. For example, if you want take screenshot of opened word document only then use it. After capturing image, paste it in any editing tool like Paint, etc and save image.


Several ways of taking screenshot are also available at above provided web link.

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