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How to Backup data using File History in Windows 10

A programmed system File History has been introduced in latest operating system Windows 10 to protect data stored in vital places of computer system such as in Libraries, Desktop Folders, Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music and the OneDrive. Data stored in these places is provided tight security by the File History and you can use it to Backup data into any other devices (like USB Drive). How you can backup data using File History is being written by me step by step.

Steps to Backup data using File History in Windows 10 –

#. First of all, open PC setting using Start Menu of Windows 10

#. In PC setting, click on Update and recovery option.

#. Under update and recovery option, you will get four options including File 

#. Click on File History option.

#. Instantly you will get a window of File History in which at right pane you will get two options.

#. If you will have inserted external drive then File History will be active. Tune On it to back up files of Desktop, Document, Contacts, Libraries, etc into external drive.

#. If you wish to take backup into another computer drive then click on Select a different drive link and choose desired drive.

#. Here, you can also choose Backup now to button for manual backup option. 

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