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How to Use Snipping Tool in Windows 10

Snipping tool is regarded as one of the most famous and exiting tools of Windows 10 and used to capture Screenshot of what happening of display screen. It saves images as PNG format but it allows you save as GIF, HTML or .JPEG format as per your desire. It is consider far better to other screenshot tools because it allows you to capture entire screen or a particular screen. How you can use Snipping Tool in Windows 10 is being written under.

Steps to use snipping tool in Windows 10 –

#. Open Start Menu of Windows 10 in which click on Sniping Tool.

#. Thereupon, you will get Snipping Tool window on screen.

#. Click on small down arrow situated right side of New button.

#. After it you will get four options as mentioned under.

 Free Form Snip – It allows you to capture of happening of display screen by drawing line around the area to which you want to capture.

Rectangle snip – Using it you can capture screenshot in rectangular form for which you have to hold and drag the cursor.

Window Snip – This option will allow you to capture a dialog box or a browser window.

Full Screen Snip – It is used to capture full screen.

#. Select any of four options and crop the area to which you want to capture.

#. Now save the snapshot in your desired format.

Note – You can also get several ways to use Snipping Tool in Windows 10 using above mentioned web link.

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