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How To Map Network Drive in Windows 7

Windows 7 homegroup feature is performing role as big advantage. sharing of drives in networking is possible. Suppose you want to direct access any particular folder of another computers then special feature Map Network Drive is used in network homegroup.

How to map network drive betwwen compyters in windows 7

  • Go to Computer explorer window and click on Map Network Drive button on top pane menu bar.


  • Press ALT +  T  shortcut on keyboard then it shows menu bar on top pane .
  • Select Map network drive.

  • Go to map network drive window, choose opted drive and  find folder name that you like to map it.
  • Check the box – Reconnect at logon and connect using different credentials option
  •  click on finish button.


If two windows 7 system are connected in same homegroup network then it will request to enter user name and password .

  • Now mapping of drive in homegroup network has made and you  may view opted folder contains files and documents of second computer  in your computer

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